Treat Yourself: A Taste of Philly

I found myself walking on Germantown Avenue today with my two kids and we just happened to be close to A Taste of Philly, so we had to stop in for a pretzel.  Although, as I keep forgetting, they have a $10 minimum for credit/debit card sales and I NEVER have cash these days, so we ended up getting a lot more than a pretzel.  

We also got a pretzel dog with cheese and I remembered to put the mustard on top and not inside since my friend always tells of the sad, sad day her hot dog flew out of the pretzel on the sidewalk due to slippery mustard.  I also ordered one of their pretzel breakfast sandwiches, the sausage, egg, and cheese one.  This is one of the fastest and cheapest breakfasts you can buy in Chestnut Hill, in case you’re ever in need.

As the girl behind the counter informed me that I was not up to my minimum amount yet, I looked up forlornly at the board that was used in the summer for water ice flavors and found, to my delight, hot chocolate flavors:  raspberry, vanilla, caramel, white chocolate, dark chocolate, etc.  So, we got two hot chocolates since my son now loves it and I just can’t always avoid him having some.  It was a cold day after all!  And, just to get it finally up to $10, I grabbed a bag of chocolate coated pretzel pieces (I had no choice, right?)
After paying, we walked over to one of their small tables with our load of food.  The kids munched on the pretzels happily (one of the ONLY foods my whole family will eat).  It was a nice, calm little outing.  Very hard to find these days!  If it weren’t for my toddler’s obsession with walking up and down stairs without stopping, we would have gone upstairs as my son wanted to.  He remembers that there is a great space up there, that they at least used to have a train track with trains.  We had a few playgroups meet up there in the past.
They weren’t making pretzels this time, but sometimes you can catch them at the right time and take the kids to the back of the store to watch the dough ooze out of the machine as the man then whips it around effortlessly in the air and lays it down in a perfect, pretzel shape before moving on to the next one.
So, the next time you’re in the neighborhood, and are hungry, cold, or both, head to A Taste of Philly for a pretzel and hot chocolate.  It’s a nice treat for anyone.
A Taste of Philly is located at:  8513 Germantown Ave.  They are open 9am-5:30pm M-Sat., and 9am-4pm on Sundays.  Call 215.247.2217 for more info.

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