What is MALT?

Mt. Airy Learning Tree is a community-based “school” that draws on the human, geographical, and architectural resources of Germantown, Mt. Airy, and Chestnut Hill. Students enroll for $5.oo per term and can participate in classes that range from swimming to computer basics to aromatherapy. Classes may run for 2 hours on an afternoon or for up to 8 weeks. The spring term is underway and continues through June.

Three reasons why MALT classes are a boon for GAPpers:

1. For those new to the area, courses can take them into private area gardens, local history can be learned, and other like-minded neighbors can make contact.

2. Classes are offered for children as young as three.

3. Participants can choose classes convenient to their schedules: nights, weeksdays, weekends, and registration can be done online!

I have taken several classes through MALT and will be starting another next week: Meditation for Beginners. What parent cannot benefit from a few minutes to him or herself?

Mt. Airy Learning Tree

6601 Greene Street

Philadelphia, PA 19119-3114


Fax registration: 215-843-6655

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