NOT Like Pulling Teeth: A Visit to Dr. Bresler’s Cavity Busters

It was time to take Caroline to her routine six month dentist appointment. While some parents may have to drag their children kicking and screaming to the dentist, my kids actually look forward to going to Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters.
Upon entering the office, you realize this is no ordinary dentist office! The sound of little hands banging furiously on white video arcade buttons echos across the room. In the corner, kids stand on plastic steps stools play Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong 3 and Q-Bert.
An ocean of Nemo characters greets patients in the waiting room. My favorite is Crush (the sea turtle) and his son, Squirt. Bruce the Shark is showing off his new braces, courtesy of Doc Bresler, no doubt.
There is no shrieking drill or small closet size dental room. Instead, patients enter a door with Mr.Incredible’s son, Dashiell, karate-kicking on it. This door leads to a large room with red, yellow and blue dental chairs. The kids get to pick out a toothbrush and receive prizes for being brave. The kids even choose their own flavor fluoride treatment: mint, orange or vanilla.
Caroline appeared grinning from ear to ear to show me her pearlly-white smile. In her hands, she held her treasures: a plastic fluorescent yellow bracelet, a red thumb ring that glittered, a red toothbrush and sticker.

Now I know why they call Doc Bresler’s “the kids’ dentist.” Kids love to visit!

Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters is located at 6801 Ridge Avenue.
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2 thoughts on “NOT Like Pulling Teeth: A Visit to Dr. Bresler’s Cavity Busters

  • Debra

    I brought my kids to Doc Bresler's twice on this recommendation. It was a terrible experience. We waited for hours with snoring parents(really!) in the cramped waiting room which has video games but no books, magazines or toys. The dental space is like a factory with multiple chairs in one small room and the kids had to watch other kids being worked on right next to them. Yikes! Is that even sanitary? Though our dentist was fine, which is why we returned, the supporting staff was arrogant, pushy and rude. When we decided to transfer to another office it was like pulling teeth to get my kids records, which were unreadable, to our new wonderful dentists at Cheshiem. I would not recommend Bresler's to anyone. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

  • Jen

    We had a bad experience too. Barely saw the actual dentist, it felt like a factory model. Even with all the bright colors and video games, my kids were not fooled. I am counting the days until we get new insurance and can switch to Dr. Angel!


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