As the weather gets warmer and warmer I’ve been thinking about tennis– a sport I used to do as a kid and absolutely loved. I never took lessons and never got very good at it but I adored taking up the racket and hitting the ball as hard as I could, and then trying different swings, imitating Andre Agassi as I played.

It got me thinking about tennis courts in this area, and on my walk to Germantown Pediatrics the other day I went past the Woodford Tennis Club, right on Wister Street in Germantown, tucked behind large trees with a beautiful, gigantic house in the front. I didn’t get a chance to walk through and check out what it was all about but if this intrigues you like it intrigued me, I suggest looking at this website list of Philadelphia Tennis Courts where there are listings for an Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center and more in and around this area.
Let me know if you find any free tennis lessons for children or tennis camps. Heck, let me know if there are tennis groups for moms who are reminiscing about their past sporty selves too.
And of course, you can always just stop by Allen’s Lane Playground and try and reserve a tennis court there. Happy swinging!

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