If you like to rummage…

Don’t miss St. Paul’s annual rummage sale this Saturday, Sept. 12th, starting at 9:00 am. St. Paul’s is a beautiful old stone church at the top of Chestnut Hill. When my family moved from Florida to Philly two years ago, we were coatless and clueless about cold weather. We happened to see a little blue and white sign advertising the church’s rummage sale, so we thought we might as well stop by and see if they had some cold weather equipment.

And did we find all the coats, boots, scarves, hats, and gloves we could ask for? Yes. And way too much other stuff. We were there all day. I’m telling you, this is the king of rummage sales. Get there early. Prepare to wait in line to pay your $2 entry fee and allot hours to spend perusing through the rooms upon rooms of goodies.
The church volunteers actually spend all summer preparing for this sale. It is HUGE. It encompasses a couple of floors, many rooms, all full to the brim with stuff. And it is alarmingly well organized.
You will find books labeled by topics, a room of women’s clothing, a room with men’s clothing, a toy room, children’s clothing, a room of antiques, electronics, and even a special “French” room with upscale clothing and accessory items for women. There will also be DVDs, Cd’s, computer games, a holiday room, sporting goods, plants, jewelry, linens, furniture, and art.

You could find enough stuff to start a new household at this sale. Or get your Christmas shopping done early. And the prices are very low — I’m talking yard sale prices. And a really nice bonus is knowing that your money is going to local charities whose missions it is to serve the homeless and hungry. Last year, the church raised $35,000 that was given to such organizations. And any leftovers from the sale are also given to worthy causes.
And in case you run out of arms to hold your bags of sales items, there is even a “bag room,” where you can drop off your bags and get a ticket to bring back when you’re ready to lug it all out to the car. There will also be plenty of food. Last year, we sat out on the beautiful lawn and ate hot dogs after the sale. It’s a nice family afternoon. Although, if you can leave your kids at home or with a sitter, you will walk out with less unneeded toys (maybe).
And, I actually hesitate to share this information (I know, I’m a selfish, crazy rummage sale hog) there is a somewhat unadvertised “pre-party” on Friday night (the 11th) at 6:00 pm. I found out about this last year, so I stuck my husband with the kids and went with a friend. So, this early preview does cost more at the door ($10), but it is so worth it.
It was so packed with people shopping madly that I was surprised there was so much leftover for the sale on Saturday. Some rooms are supposed to also mark up the items 20% for the Friday sale, but they didn’t end up doing this when I was there. And it really was kind of like a party. There was someone playing a piano, free wine, and tons of wonderful Hors D’Oeuvres and desserts. Just the food was worth the extra entry fee to me. (The only thing I love more than a good rummage sale is free food).
Parking at St. Paul’s can sometimes be difficult, but this year rummage sale shoppers can park in the large lot across the street at Our Mother of Consolation (on Norwood Avenue). If you have any questions about the sale, you can reach the church office at 215.242.2055.
Hope to see you rummaging with me this weekend!

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