Sing and Tumble at the Little Treehouse!

The Little Treehouse Play Cafe at Germantown Ave. and Gravers Lane in Chestnut Hill recently expanded their play areas to include several top-notch downstairs rooms. One space is a full mini-gym for the preschool set, connected to a smaller adjacent room for warm up time. The other space is a nicely equipped music room with hoards of instruments, plenty of room for dancing, and a wall mounted flat screen TV. All rooms are cheerfully painted, inviting, and built for fun.

The Music Classes are conducted by the Sally’s Music Circle program. Classes are targeted for different age groups of children from birth to age five, with a caregiver. There is a baby circle, as well as classes for three and under, 2-4 year olds and 3-5 year olds. My two and four year old children participated in the same class… 45 minutes of acoustic guitar, egg shaking, silk dancing, rhythm sticks, clanging instruments and lovely songs! Each family receives a Sally’s Music circle songbook and cd to continue their musical journey at home.
The Tumbling Space is wonderful. The instructors were all trained by the highly revered Andre’ from the Water Tower program, and some also had experience with the Little Gym. Similar to the music classes, there are different times for different age groups, with children under three being accompanied by a caregiver. Most classes have 2-3 teachers per group, depending upon enrollment. Class sessions have a warm-up time with the “Little Treehouse Song”, stretching, and bouncing the many sized and colored balls. Each week revolves around a different animal theme: crab, kangaroo, bear, etc., where children practice moves and skills related to that animal.
Once the kids are warmed up, it’s time for the circuit! There are plenty of cushiony mats, two balance beams, a tunnel, wedges, a springboard, a horizontal bar, uneven bars, and even a rock wall. Most of class time is spent practicing the animal moves around the circuit, with the group gathering at the end of class for bubbles and/or parachute fun. One of the best parts about attending classes at the Treehouse is that you are welcome to come early or stay afterwards without paying the admission fee. So on any rainy or cool class days, we hang out, each lunch, and play for an hour or two before heading home.

The current sessions are nearing their end, but the next session will start on May 24 and run through July 16. Watch for registration to open on May 5, as there will be a 25% discount for early registration on or before May 17!

MUSIC CLASSES AGE GROUPS and PRICING: $160 per child + $15 book/cd per family
Infants – 3 years (I-3); Baby Circle (BC); 2-4 years (2-4); Mixed age family class (Fam)

Tumbling 1: 18 – 35 months; Tumbling 2: 3-4 years; Tumbling 3: 4-5 years; Mixed age family class (Fam)

25% discount for early registration summer session
10% discount for 10-visit card holders
20% discount for siblings
20% discount for multiple classes
(discounts are not cumulative… highest discount prevails)

10 W. Gravers Lane
Chestnut Hill, PA 19118

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  • BabyMommaBlog

    Great post! I can't wait to go check this place out 🙂 I would love to sign her up for classes but that's a hall for me every week from the city :/ thanks for sharing!

  • Jen

    you can always visit to just play for the day… it's a great place for the 5 and under crowd!


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