Child Care Subsidy Available for Eligible Families

Great news for eligible families…  Late last week, the PA Office for Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) and the Child Care Information Services (CCIS) were able to clear their waiting lists for Child Care Works Subsidy.  All eligible previously wait-listed families have now been enrolled for the first time since 2003.  Families who have been discouraged by the long waiting lists are now encouraged to apply for Child Care Works assistance… immediate service or very short waiting times are now expected!
Eligibility Guidelines:  Single parents, married couples, and unmarried parents living together can all be eligible for subsidized child care. In order to qualify in Philadelphia, all parents living in the household must:
  • Work at least 20 hours per week or work at least 10 hours per week and go to school/ training at least 10 hours per week
  • Receive income within certain guidelines (see below)  
  • Live in Philadelphia
  • If you are a teen parent under the age of 22 attending school/GED program or a parent who has received TANF benefits within the last 90 days, please contact your local CCIS.
  • The parent is responsible to help pay for child care. This is called co-payment. The co-payment may be as little as $5.00 per week and varies according to your income and the number of people in your family. Most families eligible for a child care subsidy pay between $5 and $25 each week for their child care. The family only has one co-payment, regardless of how many children they have in care. The state pays the rest, usually about $75 to $95 a week per child.
  • The parent may choose the provider of his or her choice. The parent may choose a child care center, a small family day care home, a group day care home or even a relative or neighbor to care for his or her child.

Family Size 
Max. Yearly Gross Income   
2 (single parent with one child)
Family Size: Your family consists of you, your spouse, or other parent and all children living in the household.

Yearly Gross Income:  These are the general income guidelines, but you may possibly be eligible even if your income is slightly above this amount.  Contact CCIS for more information.  “Gross” is all money, earned (money from working) and unearned (such as child support), BEFORE taxes.  

Eligible families can apply in person at a local CCIS office:
888-461-KIDS (5437)
or apply online through the COMPASS portal:

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