Summertime Homemade Fun

This is the first post in GAP’s “Homemade Fun” series.  If you would like to write an entry for this series, please use the contact button to let us know.  Homemade Fun will be GAP’s storage spot for ideas that are low cost, enjoyable, and easily done close to home.

Here’s our list of ideas the fab four (my nickname for the kids) like to do on a HOT day.  You’ll notice sidewalk chalk plays only a minor role… my kids love it, but it is one of the messy play things I can’t quite embrace.  

1. Sprinklers… if you have a hose and can get a sprinkler attachment, the simple change in how the water is distributed brings about riotous laughter.  (and it’s not bad for the plants either)

2. Homemade popsicles… the dollar store and Target both have those popsicle trays for the freezer… you can make popsicles out of yogurt, juice, smoothies, etc.  If you’re really feeling mean, you can throw some veggies in.
3. Neighborhood parade… break out the instruments (either real or pots n pans style) and march around the block waking up the late risers.  If you’re feeling really festive, decorate the bikes and trikes to add to the procession.  
4. Painting the houseok, maybe not really painting it, but a few dollar store paint brushes and a bucket o’ water can make for a clean facade and happy kids.

5. Birdwatching… my four year old added this one to our list.  He decided to have a “bird-watching” party one day.  He and a friend taped together high powered binoculars (using toilet paper tubes) and ventured out with a real camera to capture local wildlife.  We found a robin’s nest!

6. Shadow Tracings… my nemesis, sidewalk chalk, is useful here.  Who says you can’t catch a shadow?  
7. Forts…  forts are the best!  Make them inside or outside… got some chairs and blankets or towels?  Then you have the makings of the perfect secret fort!
8. Water balloons… need I say more?  
9. The library… not exactly home, but close to home, air conditioned, and free!
10. Bubbles… make it scientific fun: mix up your own solution and try different household objects as bubble blowers.

Your Turn: What do you and your kids like to do to stay cool on a hot summer day?

2 thoughts on “Summertime Homemade Fun

  • Dr. Josh Axe

    Smoothie pops are so good in the summer! Especially because they can be so healthy. Spinach can easily be tossed into a fruit smoothie and poured into pops…the only thing that will clue them in is the color!

  • Maleka

    I wanna make sidewalk chalk paint this summer with my kids. Yay!


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