Honoring Childhood: The Miquon School

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So while the little ones are attending Project Play School, the older kids are experiencing progressive education of their own at The Miquon School.  This school is another local  treasure, just ten minutes from Chestnut Hill.  My children absolutely LOVE school, and as both an educator and parent, I love it too.
Miquon is a wonderful blend of engaging curriculum and respect for childhood.  Children are exposed to long term projects, encouraged to create inventions, examine different parts of the world, and embark upon a varied offering of mini-courses.  

There is flexibility for children in both content and pacing, and children are encouraged to be active and curious learners.  The school employs Guided Reading, Writer’s Workshop, hands-on math studies, and rich science and social studies investigations as anchors to the curriculum.  There are wonderful specialist/resource teachers for Art, Science, Music & Physical Education.  Yet throughout the course of a day, children still have 90 minutes of choice time.  

Much of that choice time is spent outside on the beautiful wooded campus, exploring the creek and creating the magical worlds unique to both Miquon and childhood.  The campus looks almost camp-like, which my children find both exciting and soothing.  I know they’ll spend plenty of time after leaving Miquon in educational “institutions”, so spending their grade school years in a setting that invites exploration and connection to nature is truly a gift.  And this experiential learning greatly enhances Miquon’s academics.  I’ve been equally as impressed with the content and scope of the curriculum as I’ve been with the social and educationally progressive atmosphere of the school.

Miquon begins at the nursery level for children, starting at three years old and continuing through sixth grade.  The Principal, Julia Finney, is thoughtful and responsive, and the staff is simply wonderful.  

Teachers at Miquon know the children extremely well as both learners and people, and they care deeply about supporting the development of the whole child.  As a parent, I receive frequent, detailed, and helpful feedback about how my children are doing.  The end of the year reports, rather than simply posting a grade for 7 different subjects, are lengthy narrative descriptions of each child’s functioning in a multitude of areas.  

Having recently attended my first Miquon graduation, I was very moved by both the school’s commitment to the children and the children’s commitment to and love for the school.  As someone who has spent a lifetime attending and working in and around schools, I know well how truly unique that is.  

2 thoughts on “Honoring Childhood: The Miquon School

  • Miquon Mom

    Miquon is a fantastic school! And if you live in Mt. Airy/G-Town transportation is not an issue because there is a bus/van for the kids.

  • MiquonAlum

    As a Miquon Alum I can proudly say that my education at Miquon has influenced (positivley) my thinking and out look towards the entire rest of my education so far.


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