Summer Reading Program!

We are consistent library-goers, visiting our closest free library at least once, sometimes more than once a week. We’ve moved three times in the past five years but one thing has remained constant- we find our closest library and become a regular customer. All the security guards know us. Most of the librarians know us. This definitely helps when our library fines start stacking up from our piles of overdue books. But I digress.

Our main library love in these hot months (besides the awesome air conditioning) is the summer reading program happening at every branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia. We LOVE the summer reading program. Your child doesn’t have to be reading to join! Even if you are reading books to them, you can sign up and start listing each book you’ve read every week this summer. When you fill up your folder with stickers for every book you get little prizes like animal masks and sidewalk chalk and big prizes like free tickets to Clementon Park and free doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts(that’s big for us). My preschooler and almost kindergartener are beyond delighted when they get to fill up their summer reading program sheet and I ask them to tell me and the librarian about all the books we read that week. They are learning to be proud of all the “reading” they are doing. Adults can win prizes too, just for reading books to kids! Let’s support our libraries all year long!

p.s. In 100 degree weather, I’d try to keep these kids in the library playing computer games, reading books, and winning prizes all afternoon!

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  • Jen

    We will definitely check this out… sounds like a great program!


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