First in the Pool! The Germantown Y is Back!

The long-awaited re-opening of the Germantown Y officially happened with an open house last weekend.  After two years of closed doors due to flooding damage, the Y is back in business.  Though it’s been through $300,000 in renovations and improvements, there is still more work needed.  Consequently, the Y is still in search of donations, which are accepted at local PNC branches. The Y is currently operating at about 60%, with the gym, children’s spaces, fitness center, and as of 10/5, the pool… all open and ready for use.  Though the facility is back up and running now, popular programs such as the after-school program are slated to start back up in 2011.  Membership rates are reduced for those who register early.
Germantown Y
5722 Greene St.
Philadelphia, PA 19144

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