speaking of schools- voluntary transfer: apply NOW!

Every student resident of Philadelphia has a neighborhood public school determined by attendance boundaries.  Students may enroll in those schools after providing proof of residency, but there are other public school options that some city residents might want to consider.

One of these options is to apply for the School District of Philadelphia’s Voluntary Transfer Program.  The Transfer program allows students to apply to schools that might more closely support their goals, interests or learning styles.  Options for transfer include: Neighborhood Schools outside their assigned attendance area, Citywide Admission Schools, and Special Admission Schools.

A student may apply to up to five schools.  Some schools may require an interview or audition before making admissions decisions.  High School transfers typically require test scores, and applying early is recommended.  Acceptance and transfer are not guaranteed. There are separate applications for elementary/middle and high school students.  Any student in grades pre-k through eleven may apply.  Applications are accepted from September 20 through October 28, 2011.  

Clickable Links:
School District VTP Information Page
VTP Brochure
School Demographics

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