Here is our first post from second grader, Mrs. Harry Potter (with artwork from younger brother, Luke Skywalker).  MHP’s advice on visiting the Morris Arboretum: 
“This is me on the big net at the arboretum.”
Luke Skywalker, age 4

In Chestnut Hill there are many fun places to go to and look at and play but there is a big one called The Morris Arboretum. The Arboretum has many places for adults but what about the kids? The Out On A Limb exhibit is really high and you can see groundhogs if you look over, but don’t throw things down because there are people underneath. This exhibit has a Robins nest from a birds eye view it also has a huge net. There is a small one and a big one.  The small one is for kids under 5 years old and the big one is for people over 6 years old. 

Next comes the Springhouse its like an outdoor kitchen. Its nice and cool and you can sit down on the rocking chair or you can sit down on one of the regular chairs. There is another little house you can peek your head in it is very cold in there well not that cold just a little cold. After the Springhouse comes the Japanese Hill Garden there is a little pond and a bridge there. There also is a little sculpture. After that comes the Log Cabin.  There are old fashion Lincoln logs and a table to build them on inside.  

Before you go in the Log Cabin there is a Chestnut tree right next to it so you can make a bug boat.  Well here’s the thing you don’t how to make a bug boat so I will show you all the steps:
  1. First you find a chestnut shell. Look under the big chestnut tree and you will find a chestnut shell on the ground after it falls and the chestnut pops out.
  2. Take the chestnut shell you found on the ground and put it in the water when you see the stream right nearby.
  3. And then there you have a bug boat and your bug boat will go to a bug boat stop and pick up some bugs.

If you’re wanting to branch out (pun intended), another wonderful arboretum is the Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA.  The exhibits of incredibly fun to climb and explore treehouses are WELL worth the drive…. now through October 31.  We went last year and were thrilled to see them back!

What lies beneath?

But if you’re not up for a drive and want to inspire your own budding writer, try your hand (or your child’s hand) at the Tyler Arboretum Writing Project.  Entries for “What Lies Beneath?” are all published on the project’s website, and there are separate categories for children ages 4-9, 10-13, 14-17 and 18 & up.  Writers are encouraged to visit the arboretum in person to see the mysterious doorway, but attendance is not mandatory to participate in this innovative community writing project!

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    Maya, I love your writing! Thanks for making it feel like I was there with you. I can't wait to make a bug boat. What a great idea!


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