Snow Day? What to do?

Fort Heaven for a two year old.

Finally, a real, bona fide snow day!  We all know the basics… play in the snow, snow fort, snow angels, snow ball fight, sledding, and hot chocolate to bring back feeling in finger tips.  But what about the other 10 or so other extra kid hours you have suddenly added to your day?  Here’s a start list of favorites from our house:

1. Building forts.  Materials needed: blankets and durable furniture.  Flashlights a bonus.  This will work in our house for HOURS.  
2. Labor intensive, but low parental involvement crafts: making collages from magazines, playing with stickers, stringing lots of little beads, construction paper snowflakes.
3. Marching band.  Yes, it’s noisy.  Especially if your instruments strongly resemble pots and pans and other household items.  But someday you’ll look back on these moments and miss the noise.  Or so I’ve been told.
4. Snow Math: snow + milk + vanilla extract = snow ice cream!
5. Watch old videos of the kids when they were little(r).  Extra points for popcorn.
6. Get started on those Valentines!  
7. Scavenger Hunt with clues. This is on my kids to do list for today.  Ideas welcome!
What’s on your snowed-in list for today?  Whatever you do, enjoy the snow!

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  • Anonymous

    We pull down the shades, make some popcorn and have our own movie theater. Kids happy, parents happy.


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