We had a ball!

yep, this ride expires at midnight.
I recently realized that we often skip reporting back on the fun things we post here on GAP (aside from theater/movie reviews).  Well, that’s about to change.  I think the Chestnut Hill festival (which was just perfect, aside from all those bouncy things I secretly want to pop, but my kids seem to love) was covered pretty well elsewhere.  So I’ll focus on the other highlight of our weekend: the Please Touch Museum’s Storybook Ball.  It may not have been a Royal Wedding, but it definitely had some young couples who could give Kate and Billy a run for their titles.

Now I know this might seem a bit hypocritical, given my last post about fanciness, but really, it’s not.  This is BOOK-related fanciness, not mass media-related fanciness!  Or, in my house, it seems as though it may have been ipad-related fanciness.  My 5 year old (Star Wars lover) fell in love with the Sleeping Beauty book app.  In fact, when the topic of the ball came up, he was adamant that he would go as Prince Charming, and he had VERY strict costume requirements.  As the app showed him, Prince Charming MUST have a fancy shirt AND a jewel with a very fancy blazer and pants.  The last two pieces were easy to find, and the first two came by way of Nana’s trip to Goodwill, thank goodness.  The result was pretty damn cute.

two Cinderellas… mine’s the one on the right

No convincing necessary for his little sister to perform her duties as Sleeping Beauty.  His older sister originally wanted to go as Harry Potter, but I wasn’t kidding when I said she also likes a good dress for the right occasion.  She quickly realized she would rock the Cinderella look way better than just throwing on her Hogwarts robe and some glasses.  (Showing her Brandy’s version of Cinderella, might possibly have tipped the scale on that one).  And we even found glass slippers in a woman’s size 8.  whew!  Anyway, what’s a ball without Cinderella?

We had friends join us as well…. two extra adorable three year olds.  Five kids, 3 Mamas.  It was exhausting, but over-the-top fun.  This was the museum’s second year to host the event, and they added a very classy extra touch: a carriage ride.  Now normally we don’t do the horsie rides since I’m pretty sure the horses would rather be doing other things, but on this special night, I caved.  It was a GORGEOUS night, and the ride up to the arch and back was very sweet.  The museum had also planned hot air balloon rides, which had to be cancelled due to the breeze.  I’m sure some were disappointed, but that was fine by me.  Hot air balloon ride with 5 young kids?  Um, maybe next year.

2 wild things

As we walked up to the Carousel House, we were greeted by several literary celebrities.   Cinderella (same gown as my own Cinderella), Little Nutbrown Hare (or was it Big Nutbrown Hare?) Curious George, Alice and Friends, and Spot (with his very small but efficient vocabulary).  There were many other book characters throughout the museum.  Every child received a Passport (notice the GAP sponsorship on the back?), and the food was yummy and easily made available at stations in each “country” visited.

that smile says it all.

Once inside, the delights of the world’s coolest children’s museum were highlighted with all of the adorable attendees in costume.  My kids played in all their favorite exhibits, but really loved that there was actual dancing at the ball.  Especially Prince Charming, who had worried all week about who would dance with whom.  And I wish I knew the name of the world’s best dance partner who had all three of my kids mesmerized as he danced with each of them for at least one song.  Cinderella reported dancing with him as her favorite part of the night!

We arrived as early as possible and stayed almost until close.  The Mamas were exhausted, but the kids were chatting away about the reception line on the way out (where you said goodbye to many of the wonderful PTM folks dressed as their favorite storybook characters).  Once outside, they were eagerly glancing into their “swag bags”.  Those swag bags contained some fun goodies and two fabulous hardback children’s books that are quickly becoming favorites in our house: Brontorina (guess whose favorite that is?) and Interrupting Chicken.  Really great books, but we’ll save those reviews for another post.

All in all, ’twas a night fairy tales are made of!  In fact, we are headed back this Wednesday night, May 4.  If Prince Charming thought the ball was divine, wait until he gets to see his Star Wars friends at a dance party/parade.  AND it’s Target 1st Wednesday to boot… tickets are TWO DOLLARS from 5-7pm!  That’s a $13 savings from regular admission price,  Star Wars mayhem included.  Another happy ending.

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  • Nichole

    Okay, I am SO going to this next year! Thanks for the great write up. Absolutely love that your son wanted to be prince charming. There are way too many princesses and not enough princes in this world 🙂

  • Jen

    it is RIGHT up your alley! loved the last line of your comment. so true!


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