Pastorius (not to be confused with Brideshead) Revisited

not a spot on him.

Before we delve into our annual donning of all things red, white, and blue, I wanted to revisit the “dog park” issue raised here.  Many readers responded via comments and email, hoping to move forward with discussions about ways to make the park more accessible for all community members- furry AND otherwise.

If you (or your neighbors) are interested in being part of those conversations, locals interested in this issue will be meeting in the evening on Monday July 11.  Please email through this link or use the “contact us” button on the main GAP page to be included in the meeting.  I’ve heard from lots of people on all sides of the issue and look forward to creating a VERY pet- and people-friendly plan.

Speaking of pets, just to prove once again, that we are NOT anti-dog (or cat)… If you live in the NW, why not submit a photo to Newsworks for their “Cats and Dogs of NW Philly” slideshow:

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  • Henrietta

    Inlailsttaon en 15 minutes : la dernière fois que j’ai installé windows (était-ce 7 ?) depuis le DVD, je crois bien que ça a pris quelques heures. Et après, il restait à installer des logiciels pour pouvoir en faire quelque chose.


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