new! membership at the little treehouse

The GAP area is so fortunate to have such an amazing indoor/outdoor playspace right in our area.  This fall, The Little Treehouse Play Cafe has created a varitey of membership packages, ALL OF WHICH INCLUDE UNLIMITED FREE PLAY.  There will be offering a range of high quality classes and early enrichment activites designed to help children explore, grow and […]

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schools- the danger of a single story

Much sooner than I am ready for, backpacks will be donned and kids will be heading back to school.  Here in the NW, that means a variety of things: from Catholic to Quaker, from progressive to traditional, Montessori and Waldorf, public, private, and charter, Single-sex and co-educational.  Not only do our surrounding schools have their […]

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NW philly kids stick close to home: why?
Picture 2

The poll results are in, and while the methodology was a bit less than rigorous, the numbers definitely have a story to tell.  When “do you let your child roam?” appeared on GAP on July 19, we discussed the tragedy of Leiby Kletzy, the ever-shrinking boundaries of 8 year old children over three generations, and […]

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johnson house: kid-review

At the Johnson House I learned about the Underground railroad, slavery, and other stuff. Here is some stuff about slavery: If a slave is running away from slavery and a white person helps the slave and the police know about it and finds out about it, the helper person goes to jail for a long […]

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this weekend 8/12… chess, civil war & bugs!

Friday…  E.T. phones home from outside the Lovett Library in Mt. Airy.  Moonlight Movies continues with an 8:30 pm showing of the most lovable alien.  Bring a blanket, chairs, picnic and tissues. Want to unwind after a long week’s work (or camp?).  Give the Little Treehouse Play Cafe a chance to woo you with their […]

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get your game on!

Thursday marks the first day of the Greater Philadelphia Junior Invitational Chess Tournament… to be held this year at O’doodles Toystore.  There will be matches every day from Thursday through Sunday with the greatest young chest minds in the region.  Will Fisher (no c), Chestnut Hill resident, is one of the eight best high school […]

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top three local freebies!

1. BOWLING for No Dollars!  Ten pins, a ball, slick shoes and you.  The ‘Kids Bowl Free’ program lets kids do just that… head out to the local lanes and throw some strikes.  Or even some gutterballs.  You have to register and set up an account, but then will receive passes for two free games per kid […]

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this weekend… jazz, treehouses and phoning home

Friday: Check out the Wyck Market in Germantown from 2-6pm. In the evening, pack up those blankets and chairs again for this week’s Mt. Airy Moonlight Movie, E.T.!  What a great one to watch outside on the big screen.  Exciting, funny, sad, and sweet… E.T. is a timeless crowd-pleaser.  8:30pm at Lovett Library in Mt. Airy. […]

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summer slide strategy #5: explore!

As the final part in our Summer Slide Prevention Series, we want you to channel your inner Dora and go exploring! So get your nature on.  Hike along the trails of the Wissahickon.  Find Forbidden Drive and Devil’s Pool (and learn how those spots earned their names).  Visit Grumblethorpe or trek through the Morris and Awbury […]

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mt. airy night market photos
Alley, Naya, Loren, Nafrah and sleepy Nate

  I’m pretty sure the organizers can count the first ever Mt. Airy Night Market as a resounding success.  We walked over at about 7pm and could not believe the crowd!  There was music on two different stages and many food vendors… everything from Food for All to the Geechee Girl to a VERY fancy […]

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might market in mt. airy TONIGHT!

Night Market Philadelphia Arrives in Mount Airy* Tonight! Come Hungry for Tostadas – Local Beers – Burritos – Ice Cream Sandwiches – Crepes – Sandwiches – Soba – Sangria – Kielbasa – Popsicles –  Caribbean Fried Fish – Lemonade – Beef Rendang – Hot Dogs – Mofongo Balls – Water Ice – Takoyaki – Pizza – Cupcakes […]

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Coming up, this week…
Rennie 3

  Some great free stuff to do with kids in and around the GAP area this week.  Check it out: Wednesday: Renee Harris presents R.A.H.W. at the Mann.  This is a hip-hop dance performance/concert.  Free admission as part of the Young People’s Concert Series.  Show starts at 11am, but getting there early is a good […]

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summer slide tip #2: visit!

Strategy #2 in battling the “summer slide” is… VISIT! This is Philadelphia, the birthplace of freedom.  There are amazingly interesting sites within a stone’s throw of your house.  Really, grab a rock and give it a try.  The depth of history is astounding.  You can choose to stay “hyperlocal” for this.  Check out the “Freedom’s […]

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