NW philly kids stick close to home: why?

The poll results are in, and while the methodology was a bit less than rigorous, the numbers definitely have a story to tell.  When “do you let your child roam?” appeared on GAP on July 19, we discussed the tragedy of Leiby Kletzy, the ever-shrinking boundaries of 8 year old children over three generations, and what a “roaming” map might look like in the GAP area.  32 GAP readers weighed in on our roaming poll, and here are the results:

My child has:
Not one respondent allowed their child more roaming freedom than they had as a child, and only 9% offered the same roaming rights.  At 59%, the majority reported a narrowing of boundaries, and almost 1/3 of people participating in the poll have children with no roaming privileges.

These results only bring up more questions.  Are you shocked or comforted by these statistics?  Why do the vast majority of our children have less roaming freedom than we had as kids?  And how much less is “less?”  What factors contribute to your decisions around this issue?  What type of childhood are we creating for our kids?

4 thoughts on “NW philly kids stick close to home: why?

  • Anne Barr

    I am curious about why NW children don’t roam. My children are 15, 13 and 10. My husband and I have offered our children increasing roaming rights to our Mt. Airy neighborhood but our children are not interested. I have some guesses as to why…but I wonder what others think.

  • Jen

    Anne- I’d love to hear your guesses!

    I am really curious as to how much less is less… maybe time for another poll?

  • Nora Davenport

    there is a lot more traffic than when we were kids, that’s my number one reason.

  • Jen

    Nora- I do agree that there’s more traffic, but since the NW has so many sidewalks (unlike where I grew up), it actually feels safer to me if they’re on foot, but definitely less kid-friendly if they’re on bikes.


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