Project P.L.A.Y. School… Reggio-Inspired!

My son attended Project P.L.A.Y School P.L.A.Y. School for almost three years,
and he and our whole family absolutely loved it.

When we moved to Elkins Park, we asked new neighbors for pre-school
recommendations, and Project P.L.A.Y. School came highly recommended by a
good friend. When my son and I first visited Project P.L.A.Y. School
(Partners in Learning About You,, I knew it
would be a good fit. The teachers (the fabulous founders Kathy Goldenberg
and Karen Chayot) were instantly warm and welcoming, and the children were
all clearly happy and content.

The day we visited, two of the children got into a disagreement over whose
turn it was to play with a wheelbarrow. One of the children turned to
Kathy, and I waited for the usual adult intervention I had seen at other
pre-schools, where the teacher would determine the rules of sharing.
Instead, Kathy just asked them calmly to work it out. The two boys turned
to each other, discussed some options, created rules they both decided to
be fair, and continued playing.

This event was the perfect introduction to the approach of Project
P.L.A.Y. that combines play, respect, community, and a student-driven
“curriculum.” Their unique, “3 C” approach–Collaborate, Create,
Construct–gave my son the opportunities to problem solve and negotiate in
a safe environment.

Project P.L.A.Y. School also provided the chance for children to explore
their creativity through open-ended materials like paper, paints, and
markers. Through these open-ended projects, my son learned about science,
math, literacy, teamwork, and much more. Kathy and Karen also encouraged
collaborative projects that helped students learn to work together toward
common goals.

Project P.L.A.Y. School became more than just a pre-school for my son. The
school community became part of our family. Kathy and Karen involved our
whole family in my son’s learning, sending home lots of pictures, offering
events for the whole Project P.L.A.Y. School community (including parents,
grandparents, even friends).

Project P.L.A.Y. School is a vibrant educational community of children,
parents, and teachers learning together through the art of play. I cannot
recommend it highly enough. But don’t just take my word for it.

Just the other day, my son—now in third grade—said he wished he could go
back to Project P.L.A.Y. School. I asked him why. He said, “We did a lot
of playing. It’s very creative and you get to play outside a lot. We could
make all the projects we wanted. It’s definitely where I got my
creativity, because it is a creative place. Kathy and Karen are special.”
Project P.L.A.Y. School truly is a special place!

Project P.L.A.Y. School accepts children from 2 and 1/2 through 5 years old:
1224 Melrose Ave Melrose Park 19027

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