this weekend… city and suburbs
They say this is the 2012 "Fisker Karma", but it looks a lot like FInn McMissile to me.

AUTO SHOWS: BIG AND SMALL This weekend is the opening weekend of the BIG Philadelphia Auto Show.  Check out all sorts of cars- from classic and vintage to sporty and futuristic and everything in between.  So whether your little gearhead sees themselves in a VW, a   Lamborghini or a Mustang, there are plenty to […]

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on raising little yogis

  Winter Yoga with Kids by Kim Pacini Yoga is an excellent tool for kids to learn, and winter is a perfect time to get the mat out for our little yogis. In this winter season, yoga is an all-inclusive good thing, as just about every aspect of it increases immunity- from promoting more restful […]

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this weekend: with cliff, george & nancy
clifford is all out of scale and george was MIA, but you get the idea

This weekend, there are some great opportunities to enjoy stories with inspiration from some of your favorite children’s book characters: Friday: Hang with Clifford the Big Red Dog at the Morris Arboretum Bundle up for a winter story with the famous Big Red Dog.  Channel your inner Emily Elizabeth, and come enjoy storytime on the lawn […]

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kids book review: 11 Experiments that Failed

11 Experiments That Failed by Jenny Offill and Nancy Carpenter. (Schwartz & Wade, $16.99) Reviewer: Maleka Fruean Here’s another sassy picture book by Jenny Offill and Nancy Carpenter, who also created 17 Things I’m Not Allowed to Do Anymore. The main character, a highly mischievous and utterly curious little girl, becomes a home scientist and […]

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this weekend… arts and nature
Morris Arboretum visitors do the Wacky Walk last fall.  (photo from the MA website)

    Stay Local- Go Natural Nature Indoors at the Wissahickon Environmental Center Head over to the Tree House Visitor Center Open House on Saturday from12:00 pm – 1:00 pm to check out the 200 gallon native fish aquariaum, wildlife exhibits and a floor to ceiling mural of the Wissahickon.  The Children’s Center as bird […]

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Germantown LIVE!
tiger cage

  Germantown LIVE! by Elizabette Andrade There it was…as clear as quartz in my mind’s eye, sitting on the corner of Pulaski and Rittenhouse, basking in the scent of gasoline, confined but very much… alive, warmed by excited children and passersby.  I perked my ears to make sure my senses weren’t deceiving me, could it […]

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speaking of toys: girl or boy?

Can gender be taken out of toys? by Kim Pacini  As kids still play with their new toys from the Holidays, one of the hottest videos on YouTube is Riley’s Marketing Rant.  Standing in front of toy store shelf lined with pink packaged baby dolls and dressup clothes, a very astute, very cool little girl […]

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how to purge, donate & recycle with kids
five from a five year old: goodbye magic wand, leapster, dollar store nerf gun, duplicate hex bug, and prince of persia lego minifgure

It happens every year in early January.   We look around the playroom, the living room, and the kids’ bedrooms and find that we just have too much stuff!  Between December birthdays and Santa’s generosity, our home is full of too many toys, books, clothes and lots of other stuff. There are many philosophies on […]

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so what IS newsworks?

Just who IS this new partner of ours, Newsworks, and why is it a good fit for GAP?  For the uninitiated, Newsworks is the online arm of WHYY News.  But it’s way more than that.  Newsworks was conceived as an interactive, collaborative and conversational bridge between the news and readers. While they certainly have a […]

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new year, new writers & new partnership!

New Year, New Partnership, New Writers! 2012 is promising to be a banner year (excuse the pun, see end of article).  Germantown Avenue Parents (GAP) is thrilled to launch a partnership with WHYY’s Newsworks, and very excited to welcome three new writers to the group.  If you miss the stories on Facebook, email, or your feed of choice, […]

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