shifting family and breadwinner roles
Time Magazine cover, March 26, 2012

  Stay-at-home dads and working moms are a much discussed demographic lately. Traditional gender roles are being challenged by powerful counterexamples, as American families create something new. The benefits are far and wide for everyone.   All around us, the gender wall is being torn down in the Mom-at-home, Dad-at-work family model. Earlier this month, […]

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autism: a tale of three generations

In our family, we have now experienced 3 generations of autism related disorders. Three generations have tried to figure out why their child, brother, sister, niece, or grandchild seemed to miss things that came naturally to other children their age. Three generations have struggled to connect with those children, worked with a shifting knowledge base […]

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cherry blossom festival tops our weekend list

  This weekend, the weather is expected to stay sunny and warm. It’s the perfect environment to celebrate the outdoors and the Earth. With fun and diverse activities, your family will be entertained all weekend.   The Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival at Morris Arboretum tops our list, and the second weekend of this festival is guaranteed to […]

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brian biggs a hit!

We’re hoping you did not miss out on the Annual Mt. Airy Kids’ Literary Festival at the Big Blue Marble over the weekend, but just in case you did, we have some highlights to share in hopes that you put it on your calendar for next year.   The event kicked off with a bang […]

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mt. airy kids’ literary fest this weekend!
trying not to be sad that Ricardo Cortes is reading the G-rated version of his popular book this weekend.

  The Big Blue Marble Bookstore is hosting their 6th annual Mt. Airy Kids’ Literary Festival this weekend.  The line-up is amazing!  So many choices, activities, authors, and more… for all ages.  All FREE and open to the public. So bring your budding bibiophiles and come bask in the literary love!   FRIDAY, APRIL 13 10:30am – […]

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where i’m from- a poem from sam, age 13
AP Photo/ courtesy of Newsworks

Where I’m From I am from town homes, from busy streets and calm parks. I am from streets filled with children, (Whose laughter fills the air.) I am from the blood of my ancestors, who have led me here today, as if for a reason. I’m from cheesesteaks with “whiz” and onions, from Geno’s and Pat’s […]

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tuesday4trayvon catches on

  I know, the hard news of the Travon Martin story is not the typical ‘feel’ of stories here at GAP.  We’re more of an egg hunt kind of site.  But Trayvon Martin’s killing has so many layers, I find it difficult to avoid.  I feel as though we as a community avoid things like […]

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easter weekend egg hunts: philadelphia

With BEAUTIFUL weather on the horizon, the egg hunters should be pleased! Here’s a rundown of some of Philly’s eggciting offerings this weekend:   Stenton’s Easter Egg Hunt April 7@ 1, 2, and 3pm. Event is free and appropriate for children under 10. Reservations required. Call 215-329-7312 to reserve your space or email   […]

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