how we survived our lego party

Surprise, suprise!  My newly minted six year old and his best buddy next door are into legos.  With birthdays just three weeks apart, we decided to join forces and host a lego party at home.  Seemed like such an innocent idea.  Until the evil Pinterest came along.

How is Pinterest evil?  Well, you think you have a good idea or two.  You think, we’ll I’ll see what other people have done.  And then you learn how lame your idea was.  And you think, we’ll I’ll try a few of their ideas.  And that spirals OUT OF CONTROL.  But maybe that’s just me.  Maybe you can look at Pinterest without feeling unworthy.

So yes, I turned to ‘the evil site that shall not be named’ (TESTSNBN) and found a few more ideas.  The prep was hell, but the party was actually really fun.  With the whole class invited for a winter party, I was pretty invested in not just having the kids running all around.  I am great with outdoor chaos, but much less a fan of the indoor version.

So the party had a theme (lego- but not Star Wars or Ninjago becuase the neighbor is not into those… we went more with a lego city kind of theme)  and it had stations.  They kept the kids busy (and a lid on the chaos) and kept things moving.  The kids seemed happy and engaged.  The boys were pleased.  All in all, not too bad.

Here are some of the ideas… some found on TESTSNBN, and some I actually came up with myself.  Or my son did, depending upon who you ask.  The prep-work included the following (I had LOADS of help from my big kids…. also lego afficionados, ages 8 and 12).

it's not a party without balloons
homemade banner from lego images around the web
the other end of the banner
a sign for the birthday boys
the "brick" pizza... get it?
lego sculpture and utensil holders
a six year old came within 2 legos of the answer!
you're just not clean until you've washed your hands with lego soap
birthday boys using the lego app for iphone... we took a lego photo of each guest too for thank yous.
when kids entered, they each chose a bag to use during the party.. they kept the loot from the stations in there. mostly.
stickers from the utlimate lego minifigure collection book.

all set!

Once they had their bags, they were ready to go… we set up several stations.  The big kids and their tween friends ran the stations, thank goodness!

Station One: CANDY!

choose a mini fig head (baby food bottles would work too)
fill them with lego candy, or just stand around eating it. or both. (amazon)

Station Two: Kit-making.  We chose kits from the Lego Friends series and ordered a party pack.

we also pooled our disassembled minifigure parts and had each kid make their own


Station Three: Decorate a Minifig

those were fun to cut out. oh wait. no they weren't.
ahhh, success!


Station Four: Make your own Lego Necklace

choice of chains, rubber wheels, lego flowers, and tubes. bottlecap pieces from etsy.
helper tween manning her station
modelling her new swag

Those stations kept them pretty busy for maybe 75 minutes.  Then it was time for gathering together and eating some cake (with minifigs scattered all over it).

6 is a pretty great year when it starts out with good friends and legos.


11 thoughts on “how we survived our lego party

  • Amy

    That looks like a fun party! Very creative and I recognize that cake!

  • Anonymous

    Where did you get the chains from for the necklaces, and what is used to close them? We live local. All great ideas!

  • Nica

    Very, very cool. We did a Star Wars party when my Lego Dude was 7. No where near as massive as yours—but I did get Dad to dress as Darth Vader.

  • cheryl turley

    What did you use the mini figure containers for? They are very cute.

  • Marcia Brown

    Great post and ideas!! The pics are great, too!

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  • sherry

    could you give a copy of the lego minifigure template you used. thanks so much!

  • rachel

    I too would love the template for the decorate a mini fig. Please email!

  • Saima Khan


    Would you be able to share the template you used for the lego minifigure template? Thanks so much.

  • Veronica

    Great party! Could you post templates or link for the mini-figure decorating kit? Thanks!!


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