100 things to before september! only 99 to go…


Ok, I’ll admit… choosing 100 things to do before September sounded way too ambitous for our (slacker) version of summer.  But a friend passed the idea along (she’s doing it with her teen daughter), and my the kids (ages 4, 6, 9, and 13) were FULL of great ideas.  I warned them that the “Go to Disneyworld” kind of suggestions were not what this list is about.  This is about things we can, will, and actually WANT to do.  And that it can’t cost much, if any, money.  I had to cut them off at 100.  They could have brainstormed for hours, and are still asking to add or trade new ideas.  The trick is to make most of them VERY doable.  And then have some that are just great ideas you might never do unless you included them on a list.   And then add a few that will stretch you.  In good ways.


Oddly enough, I was telling my six year old about the list, and he started firing ideas at me in the car while we were on our way to a birthday party.  One of his ideas was “Meet a firefighter and get in a fire truck”.  Seemed totally doable.  Since the birthday party was in E. Falls, not ten minutes laster, we walked past a fire station.  Where outside there was… a firefighter!  I KNOW we would have waved and kept on walking normally, but since we’d just put it on the list, we stopped and said hello.  The firefighter was SUPER nice, showed my son the gear and the truck, and then let him get in, engine revving, flashing lights, and all!  He was beyond thrilled, and it made me realize THE POWER OF THE LIST. We’ll also be taking photos of each item we check off and creating our own private blog to help us look back on our summer of fun.  (Blogger or WordPress will let you create a free blog in about 30 seconds!)   So here’s our list…. it was plenty fun brainstorming it, but hopefully we’ll continue to cross off items:


  1. Blow bubbles.
  2. Have a glow stick bath. 
  3. Make a fairy village. 
  4. Make a kid wash. 
  5. Make berry cobbler. 
  6. Bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch. 
  7. Paint on a canvas. 
  8. Write a poem using magnetic poetry.  
  9. Make an alphabet with photos of friends.
  10. Take a(n) historical tour.  
  11. Make playdough. 
  12. Make a stop-motion lego movie. 
  13. Have a scavenger hunt.
  14. Roller skate.
  15. Make fairy dust. 
  16. Make sidewalk paint. 
  17. Paint garden logs.
  18. Mail cool things to people.
  19. Make a dvd writing case.
  20. Elephant toothpaste.
  21. Send a hug. 
  22. Play road trip bingo. 
  23. Play laser tag.
  24. Create an indoor “laser” obstacle course. 
  25. See a broadway show.
  26. Make a new cd.
  27. Yarn bomb!
  28. Go to the candy store.
  29. Go to a theme park.
  30. Go for a bike ride.
  31. Eat water ice.
  32. Go roller skating.
  33. Go bowling.
  34. Build a sand castle.
  35. Read a book in hammock.
  36. Tie dye. 
  37. Make necklaces.
  38. Knit.
  39. Write a book.
  40. Have relay races.
  41. Play kick the can. 
  42. Catch fireflies in a jar.
  43. Write a love letter and send it.
  44. Send a postcard to a friend.
  45. Have a nerf gun war.
  46. Make a lego sculpture. 
  47. Organize your room (yes, moms get to put ideas on the list too)
  48. Read a book to a friend.
  49. Go to the library.
  50. Go to a sprayground. 
  51. Have a water balloon fight.
  52. Run through a sprinkler.
  53. Go to a water park.
  54. Have a concert.
  55. Do Star Wars origami. 
  56. Make a fort.
  57. Sleep in a tent.
  58. Make ice cream cones with lots of sprinkly stuff.
  59. Make star wars crafts.
  60. Have our teachers babysit.
  61. Do a service project.
  62. Play card games.
  63. Go to a parade.
  64. See fireworks.
  65. Go to the beach.
  66. Play tennis.
  67. Go to the boardwalk.
  68. Surf.
  69. Donate clothes and toys and books.
  70. Kiss a baby.
  71. Go to the zoo.
  72. Go to the mall.
  73. Have a picnic.
  74. Get all dressed up and go out to a fancy restaraunt.
  75. Movie night.
  76. Take a hike.
  77. Jumprope.
  78. Fly a kite.
  79. Go to a concert.  
  80. Make a robot.
  81. Minigolf.
  82. Kids make dinner.
  83. Find a new playground.
  84. Make paper airplanes.  
  85. Visit grandparents.
  86. Have breakfast in bed.
  87. Have breakfast for dinner.
  88. Go fishing.
  89. Play catch.
  90. Make a koosh ball. 
  91. Catch frogs at Pastorius Park.  
  92. Walkie talkies.
  93. Have a sleepover.
  94. Go to the Franklin Institute.
  95. Go to the Woodmere. 
  96. Give food to people who need it.
  97. Meet a firefighter.
  98. Watch a movie outside. 
  99. Have a campfire.
  100. Make an outdoor waterbed. 


What’s on your family’s list?

4 thoughts on “100 things to before september! only 99 to go…

  • Latoya T.

    Thanks so much. This is an awesome idea and I may borrow it to try with my 6-year old. I hope that we have a blast again this summer.

  • Jen

    You’re welcome! Thanks for commenting… enjoy the summer!

  • Kelly P

    Love it ~ the idea of doing 100 things over the summer when working full time seems overwhelming, but I’m thinking we can do a list of 10 or 20 things to do this summer ~ great, great ideas. Can’t wait to brainstorm ideas with my just-turning-5 year old.

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