let our map of philly spraygrounds cool you off!
cooling off at the Mt. Airy Playground

  See, it’s not just a playground… it’s a SPRAYground.  Spraygrounds = playgrounds + water play… perfect for those blistering hot days.  There are six official spraygrounds in Philly…   Waterview Recreation Center at Rittenhouse and McMahon Streets   Smith playground at 2100 S. 24th Street   Ferko Playground at ”J” & Cayuga   48th & Woodland Athletic Recreation Center at 26th […]

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having it all? on women and the workplace.
Atlantic Magazine July/August 2012 Issue

    The cover Story in this month’s The Atlantic has garnered national attention.  This conversation of family and life structure is all over the news discourse, in coffee shops, and even in job interviews. As I wrote about in my April 25th post, the face of the American family is changing; there is more diversity in both structure […]

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