let our map of philly spraygrounds cool you off!

fountains in action at the Mt. Airy Playground


See, it’s not just a playground… it’s a SPRAYground.  Spraygrounds = playgrounds + water play… perfect for those blistering hot days.  There are six official spraygrounds in Philly…


Waterview Recreation Center at Rittenhouse and McMahon Streets


Smith playground at 2100 S. 24th Street


Ferko Playground at ”J” & Cayuga


48th & Woodland

Athletic Recreation Center at 26th & Master Sts.


Clemente Park Playground at Wallace & N. 18th Sts.


View the Philadelphia Spraygrounds map.


In addition to the above six, NW Philly has it’s own mini-sprayground.  The recently redone Mt. Airy Playground has a great water play area with alternating fountains for cooling off.


Spraygrounds are supposed to be operational from 11am-7pm during the hot summer months.  If you arrive and the sprays are silent, ask around about getting them turned on, but it shouldn’t be a problem in the summer heat.  And if you know of another sprayground to add to our list, please let us know!


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