think pink and cheer the 3-day walkers in NW Philly!

2011 3 day walkers in Mt. Airy


It’s that time of the year again.  Over two thousand people (mostly women) will converge in our city to walk SIXTY MILES in THREE DAYS.  Come rain or shine (and it looks like they’ll have both), they’ll sleep outside in tents, work their way down from Abington to the Navy Yard, and be looking for moral support throughout their long and winding route.  The 3 Day Walk is all designed to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation, an organization whose mission is “to save lives and end breast cancer.”

Those of us in the NW Philly area have a unique opportunity to cheer on the 3 day walkers.  The first day of the walk is this Friday, October 5, and once they arrive from Abington, walkers walk right down Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill, then through Mt. Airy and parts of Germantown.  In fact, there is a cheering station on Friday in Chestnut Hill, which runs from 9:30am from 1:30pm (though I think there would be more activity on the earlier side, rather than the later side).  This cheering station is located at Gravers Lane and Germantown Ave.  So please, bring the kids and come and root for the walkers as they approach the ten mile mark and tackle the hills of NW Philly!


you can always suck your thumb and look cute if you’re not up for cheering. that works too.


What would I do if I came to the cheering station?

Literally clap, cheer, sing, dance, wave, or just smile at people as they walk by.


Do I need to bring anything with me?

Supplies are optional.  Signs, posters, banners, pom poms, noismakers, and candy (for them, not you!) are big hits.


Who should come?

Anyone who wants to support the walkers- each of whom has personally raised a minimum of $2300 to go towards breast cancer awareness and research.  Many of whom walk for loved ones who battled breast cancer.  Last year, there were 2,200 Philly walkers.  Almost 300 of them were breast cancer survivors themselves.


And most importantly, what should I wear?

PINK!  Of course.  (though technically, that’s optional too).  Outlandish outfits make particularly fabulous cheering attire.


yes, i am well aware that only one of us actually looks good in pink. poor kid.


Although I’m well versed in the controversy the Komen Foundation caused last winter with their actions regarding Planned Parenthood, they’ve since reversed that decision.  And controversy aside, the walkers are making an enormous committment to battling breast cancer and are delighted to see adoring fans of all ages cheering them on.   It’s an amazing sight to see, so many mothers, daughters, friends, partners, husbands, sons, aunts, uncles and grandparents from all walks of life… all marching for better health for women.   Last year, my (then) four year old and I cheered the walkers on as they re-emerged after their lunch break in Mt. Airy.  I wore a sign, that said, “Thank you for walking so that my daughters won’t have to.”    And that is why I cheer them on.  Please come join us this year!


4 thoughts on “think pink and cheer the 3-day walkers in NW Philly!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for supporting the Walkers and for posting this, Eric…Bike Safety Crew….

    • Jen

      And thank you, Eric… for working on the bike safety crew!

  • Orla Mejia

    I just want to say a personal THANK YOU to everyone in your community. I have walked in the 3-Day many times and your community is such a wonderful, memorable, important part of our 3-Day experience. THANK YOU ALL so very much for making our time in your town so fantastic!!!!

  • Jen

    Orla, thank YOU for walking! It was wonderful to see our town covered in pink!


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