germantown avenue alphabet

The process was simple. First, our family brainstormed an alphabetical list of family-friendly activities and places in Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy & Germantown.  We then shared our selections, one per day on our Germantown Avenue Parents’ Facebook page and invited readers to chime in and share their ideas as well. Several letters called for tough choices […]

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responding to stoplights

I guess no writer ever knows when something they create will “go viral.”  While I had hoped to spark a conversation about the use of stoplights in the classroom, I had not anticipated that it would be read by such a large (and mostly unknown) audience.  It’s been wonderful, if not a bit overwhelming.   […]

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on sand castles and the end of summer

During our beach vacation this summer, I built countless sand castles with my boys.  I use the word “castle” loosely, as our only real success was with moats, hills and the occasional sand bridge. Our neighbors on the beach, however, were masters.  The family crew was also composed of two young boys armed with sturdy […]

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D, E, F and G

Our alphabet continues, with four more entries from the wonderful worlds of Germantown, Mt. Airy & Chestnut HIll.  Again, folks on Facebook had  fabulous suggestions.  Here’s what my crew decided on: D was for Diner.  As in, Trolley Car Diner.  Yum. E was super popular on Facebook.  E was for elephant.  The most colorful elephant […]

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