chestnut hill soccer hosts alex’s lemonade stand this saturday

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angelina, ninja princess, currently battling stage IV cancer


October is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and this Saturday September 21, from 11am-2pm, some of the youngest Chestnut Hill Youth Soccer Club members will host an Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  The stand will help to raise money to find cures for childhood cancer.  The stand will also honor one little girl, currently battling cancer right next door in New Jersey.


Angelina Phillips-Edelman turned four last summer.  LIke many four year old girls, she loves princesses and the color purple.  But thankfully, Angelina also loves ninjas.  Just months before her birthday, she was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma, an aggressive cancer affecting her spine, chest, glands, and bones.  Angelina is currently recovering from last week’s surgery where surgeons were able to remove the primary tumor and related trouble spots.  She still has a long  course of treatment ahead of her, but in the spirit of a true ninja princess, Angelina is beating the odds.


The lemonade stand will be on the sidelines of U7 soccer at the New Covenenant fields in Mt. Airy this Saturday from 11am-2pm.  Whether you have a child in soccer or not, please stop by to help turn lemons into lemonade- for Angelina and for other children fighting cancer.

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