Am I a bad mom?

SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 By Layney Wells I spent a lot of my pregnancy worrying about being a mom. Whether or not I would have enough love for two babies, about what would happen if I had post-partum depression or what would happen if I couldn’t care for them one day. When my twins were born, […]

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Homework time: Could your help actually hinder?

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 By Tamar Chansky School has begun and one of the big questions weighing on parents’ minds (and haunting their dreams at night) is just how much they should be pitching in at homework time. To some parents, there is really no question. After all, they care about their child’s future. Sit side-by-side […]

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When did ‘no’ become a bad word?

SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 By Lori Tharps A few weeks ago, I took my four-year-old daughter to ballet class. When we got there, it was clear one of the students — let’s call her Becky — did not feel like doing ballet that day. Becky spent the first 15 minutes of class doing everything but dancing. […]

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