How kissing can save your marriage, every day

NOVEMBER 30, 2015 By Tamar Chansky Whenever my dad came home from work and kissed my mother hello, I would always announce “They’re getting married again!” Everyone would laugh. I laughed too, even though I didn’t get the joke. Growing up in the era of “The Brady Bunch” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” I’d […]

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Kids, guns and play

NOVEMBER 16, 2015 By Layney Wells You’ve done everything you can to keep your kids from knowing about or playing with guns. It may be inevitable, but you remain ever hopeful that you can shield them from America’s morbid fascination with guns. Then one day, as you sit around the table eating breakfast, they bite […]

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Soaring high: Capturing a fleeting moment

NOVEMBER 11, 2015 By Courtenay Harris Bond I drove back and forth to the Wynnewood Giant three times over the course of two days, piling water bottles and juice boxes, bags of pretzels, paper plates and plastic utensils, into the trunk of our minivan. I dragged our cooler from its hibernation in the garage, hosed it […]

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Co-parenting: the holiday shuffle

NOVEMBER 24, 2015 By Rachee Fagg The mad dash towards the end of the year is here, and with it, questions about holiday plans. It’s a simple question for some, but in my house, it brings up a whole bunch of feelings, including anguish and worry. The end of my marriage meant the beginning of […]

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A foodie dad battles school lunch fatigue

NOVEMBER 2, 2015 By Jeff Bogle Promises you make to yourself tend to be the easiest promises to break. So it goes with my quiet annual pledge to only fall back on the classic peanut butter and jelly on white bread once a week for my kids’ school lunches. Just about two months into school […]

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