To travel or not to travel for youth sports?

DECEMBER 29, 2015 By Jen Bradley To enter the world of travel youth sports or not? That was the question. And for 15 years, I had a simple answer: Heck no. I have many friends with talented kids who have always done travel sports. I saw the sacrifices they made … missing birthday parties, dinner […]

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In the depths of consumerism, I got a holiday lesson from my son

DECEMBER 23, 2015 By Courtenay Harris Bond Seized by a fit of holiday consumerism last Saturday, I made a trip to the Ardmore City Sports, whose liquidation signs had been inspiring persistent questions from my 8-year-old son. “Why is City Sports closing?” “Maybe they’re bankrupt?” “What’s bankrupt?” “When you have too many creditors.” “What’re creditors?” […]

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Are parents forcing Star Wars nostalgia on their kids?

DECEMBER 18, 2015 By Jeff Bogle Many kids today are getting a heavy dose of exactly what their parents loved during their own childhood. Everything old is being made new again by Hollywood. And by the toy business, which is happily cashing in on the fanatical nostalgia of middle-aged consumers. In no place is this […]

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When the in-laws come to visit for the holidays

DECEMBER 14, 2015 By Layney Wells Over the course of the year I lived in Brazil, I often felt like a permanent house guest. Muddled with the deep appreciation for Brazilian hospitality and a love affair with my new country of residence, there was a quiet longing to switch places. I wanted to be the […]

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Encouraging generosity in our kids

DECEMBER 8, 2015 By Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer   The morning after our extended-family Hanukkah party last year, I freaked out. It may have been the haze of post-latke consumption, but I looked around our living room at the shreds of wrapping paper left on the floor and the piles of big gifts for my children and […]

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When teachers don’t go above and beyond

DECEMBER 2, 2015 By Edwin Mayorga Nineteen Philadelphia public schools came together for one week this fall to raise awareness around the difficult conditions students, families and teachers across the city continue to endure. Those¬†schools decided to implement a full-out “work-to-rule” action. One hundred and sixty one other schools participated in the week to a […]

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