Raising feminists — of any gender

FEBRUARY 23, 2016 By Layney Wells My kids groan audibly in protest as I stop the show they’re watching and turn off the TV. I explain why I’ve done so: Ninja #1 recruits Ninja #2 to help rescue his sister, to which he replies: “A girl? Is she hot?” I carefully tell them this isn’t […]

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Dads don’t babysit

FEBRUARY 16, 2016 By Jeff Bogle Maybe you’ve said it or maybe you have had it said to you. If you’re a mom, the latter is probably extremely unlikely. “Are you babysitting today?” We dads hear that a lot. Moms? Not so much. Mom is never accused of babysitting her own kid because she’s the […]

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8 ideas for winter birthday parties

FEBRUARY 8, 2016 By Jen Bradley In the early days, being pregnant with a winter baby seemed strategic. The hot summer months passed by before I felt huge, and I got to use all those cute accessories for my end-of-January newborn. I could pile the blankets on under the snuggly fleece car seat cover. I […]

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