8 ways to stop scorekeeping in your relationship

JUNE 29, 2016 By Tamar Chansky None of us want to admit to being a scorekeeper in our relationships. Behaving that way would mean that we are petty, small-minded, immature, or self-centered, not to mention grudging or stingy — all the attributes that grate on the very soul of our more evolved, generous, gracious, gratitude-trained […]

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10 cheap summer dates in Philly

JUNE 23, 2016 By Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer You’ve made it! You’ve cleared your calendar and the sitter’s arrived. For most parents, getting out of the house together is no small accomplishment. You want to enjoy your time together and not stress about the money you’re spending for the sitter—and dinner, movie tickets, etc. Date nights become […]

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Accepting my body through my kids’ eyes

JUNE 15, 2016 By Layney Wells Sometime within the last year or so both my boys have told me in the most matter of fact of ways that they wished their bellies weren’t so curved. They wanted instead, to look like the pictures they see of superheroes. They wanted big muscles. The beginning of my […]

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67 free things to do with kids in Philadelphia 2016

JUNE 8, 2016 By Jen Bradley Welcome to our 2016 guide to keeping your kids happy and entertained on a budget this summer. 1. Head to Dilworth Park on a hot summer day to play in the fountains in the tall shadow of Billy Penn and City Hall. Check out their special events for concerts, food and bocce. 2. […]

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When your kids manage to amaze you

JUNE 1, 2016 By Courtenay Harris Bond One of the ways that children render their existence tolerable to their parents — giving us the stamina to endure their fiery outbursts and relentless demands — is through their uncanny ability to amaze us at the most unexpected times. For instance, my 9-year-old son suddenly decided the […]

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