Instead of grieving, mom ‘evolves’ with autistic son

JULY 27, 2016 By Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer It’s been over a decade since my son George, 13, was diagnosed with autism, which means that it’s been that long that I’ve been a member of certain tribe: that of special needs parents. Through the ups and downs of the challenges that my husband and I have faced […]

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Making our escape

JULY 20, 2016 By Courtenay Harris Bond My mood was almost festive – we would have no childcare responsibilities for the next three days and be alone together for the first time in two years. On a recent Friday, I was one of the first to push my cart into the Wynnewood Giant when the […]

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Summer survival: Stop the kids from fighting over nothing

JULY 13, 2016 By Tamar Chansky We love summer! No homework, no packed lunches, nowhere to go. Nowhere to go? Yes, because apparently your kids have nowhere they need to be except in each other’s hair and under each other’s skin. Welcome to the other side of summer: Bored, responsibility-deficient kids, hunkered down at home […]

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The case for the summer slide

JULY 4, 2016 By Jeff Bogle My two pre-teen daughters have just put a bow on ten months of early morning instrument rehearsals, after school honor society meetings, cumbersome class projects and nightly homework assignments. It’s been a good year, one that bore witness to tremendous growth inside and out of school, but it’s been […]

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