this weekend: NW & downtown!
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Local Weekend Picks:  Stories, Nature, Walk & Science   Skippyjon Jones Book Signing & Reading O’Doodle’s Toy Store 8532 Germantown Ave & 5 East Highland Ave. Chestnut Hill September 8th 12-3pm Come chill on the Hill with author of Skippyjon Jones, Judy Schachner. Bring your copy or buy one on site for signing!   […]

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on sand castles and the end of summer

During our beach vacation this summer, I built countless sand castles with my boys.  I use the word “castle” loosely, as our only real success was with moats, hills and the occasional sand bridge. Our neighbors on the beach, however, were masters.  The family crew was also composed of two young boys armed with sturdy […]

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D, E, F and G

Our alphabet continues, with four more entries from the wonderful worlds of Germantown, Mt. Airy & Chestnut HIll.  Again, folks on Facebook had  fabulous suggestions.  Here’s what my crew decided on: D was for Diner.  As in, Trolley Car Diner.  Yum. E was super popular on Facebook.  E was for elephant.  The most colorful elephant […]

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winter birding with your youngest chickadees
Watercolor by: Celia Cruz

Alas, we bid farewell to Valentine’s Day, but birds dearest, we shan’t forget you. It’s never too late to show some love and compassion to your backyard wildlife. After all, chickadees, cardinals, nuthatches, sparrows, flickers, and woodpeckers offer a variety of winter bird songs for us. Children can become enraptured by bird calls. Take time […]

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story up! empowers children as storytellers
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Meet Martha Cooney, Founder and Director of StoryUP!  StoryUP! aims to entertain, educate, and empower young children and their families through the interactive art of telling, acting and writing stories. StoryUP brings interactive improv, storytelling, and themed StoryPlays to literacy workshops for young children and adds drama to children’s parties and events. Martha studied educational […]

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philly mama, philly snacks.

It’s the little things in life, right? That’s definitely what my kids think, especially after a long day at school. They’re tired. They’re jumpy. They’re hungry. And sometimes, they come home with an immediate bad attitude. After weeks of frustrating behavior right after school, and some challenging behavior in school, I came up with an […]

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sphinx and more this weekend…

Northwest Philly Saturdays at Schuylkill Environmental Center (SCEE) 10:30-11:30a.m 8480 Hagys Mill Road Enjoy a nature walk, stories and games Free! Rag Doll Tales Book Signing 1p.m.Saturday Janurary 26 Join Rag Doll Eugene on her personal narrative of slavery and civil rights. Color Book Gallery 6353 Germantown Avenue Free! Beginner Indoor Rock Climbing Trip Ages […]

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miquon honors MLK

Like thousands of others across the nation, families at The Miquon School marked the anniversary of Dr. King’s birthday with song and service. “MLK Day”, always a moving occasion, was made especially poignant this year by two concurrent celebrations: the inauguration of the nation’s first black President for a second term in office, and the […]

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cinderella at the arden: kid review
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You have until Feb. 3 to catch the extended run of Cinderella at the Arden Theater.  The show is beautifully staged, funny, and full of the Arden theatrics that our family has come to adore.  You can purchase tickets online and even grab Target Two for One discounted admission for some performances. Our nine year […]

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on eating mindfully, with kids

We are what we eat. It’s believable, verifiable, questionable. Food is oftentimes at the core of our pleasures, pains and… wallets. It’s our number one go-to, our enemy, our comforter and necessity.  Life would not be what it is without it. Yet, there is so much to consider when we chose and buy food. Things […]

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NW & downtown: picks for kids this weekend

To quote Hank Williams, Hey Good-Lookin’, Whatcha got Cookin’?  Here’s what’s cookin’ for kids and families in Philly this weekend…   Downtown & Beyond   Qing Dynasty Collage Workshop: Design a Mandarin Square! The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, January 13, Sunday, 1:00 – 4:00 pm Mandarin squares, or rank badges—large and […]

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what should we say to our children?

I can not fathom the grief and anguish that is awash over the Sandy Hook community right now. The loss of so many lives and so many children is simply and purely unimaginable. My heart aches for the parents, the siblings, the relatives and friends of those who were so hideously gunned down. I hope […]

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a recipe for bringing math outdoors

5 Cups of Mud, 3 Striped Salamanders, and 1 Rectangular Rock A child pushes a large rock to the side. “It’s shaped like a rectangle,” he observes. Within minutes, a small circle of spectators waits in suspense. “Salamanders!’ they cry in unison. “There’s three of them!” someone notes. “No, wait, 1-2-3—-4…there’s 5!” another exclaims. “Let’s […]

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kickin’ it old school with board games

Last week, to prepare for Hurricane Sandy, I cross-referencedThe Emergency Kit List with our well-worn, reliable 7-page Camping Checklist. Both lists include similar non-perishable food items and fresh fruit and vegetables, flashlights (or headlamps), sleeping bags and extra blankets, bottled water, and….ready for this families of the Techno Age? Board games! A deck of cards! And you […]

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