local teens reflect on march in washington

How long will America tolerate this? How long will we tolerate it? These are the questions we asked ourselves on the night of November 24th and then again on December 3rd. This was the same familiar feeling we had just over a year and a half ago when George Zimmerman was found not guilty for […]

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D, E, F and G

Our alphabet continues, with four more entries from the wonderful worlds of Germantown, Mt. Airy & Chestnut HIll.  Again, folks on Facebook had  fabulous suggestions.  Here’s what my crew decided on: D was for Diner.  As in, Trolley Car Diner.  Yum. E was super popular on Facebook.  E was for elephant.  The most colorful elephant […]

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easy as… ABC

So in a fit of summer restlessness, my kids started making an alphabet of sights within our stomping grounds: Mt. Airy, Chestnut Hill, and Germantown.  We’ll call it NW Philly ABC. We’re sharing our vote for a letter each day and asking for other ideas on Facebook. According to my rough calculations, we should be […]

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sister act at the academy of music… take the kids?

  So we received two complimentary tickets to see Sister Act at the Academy of Music.  The first question I pondered was, “Can I take one of the kids?”  The answer, according to Broadway.com, was yes.  The review warned that there was some violence in the plot, but it was all very tame and the […]

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cinderella at the arden: kid review
Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 1.29.44 AM

You have until Feb. 3 to catch the extended run of Cinderella at the Arden Theater.  The show is beautifully staged, funny, and full of the Arden theatrics that our family has come to adore.  You can purchase tickets online and even grab Target Two for One discounted admission for some performances. Our nine year […]

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kickin’ it old school with board games

Last week, to prepare for Hurricane Sandy, I cross-referencedThe Emergency Kit List with our well-worn, reliable 7-page Camping Checklist. Both lists include similar non-perishable food items and fresh fruit and vegetables, flashlights (or headlamps), sleeping bags and extra blankets, bottled water, and….ready for this families of the Techno Age? Board games! A deck of cards! And you […]

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sesame place spooktacular!

  Ok, the weather is perfect.  It’s a beautiful fall weekend, and you’re trying to decide what to do.  Why not head out to Sesame Place for the Count’s Spooktacular Celebration?  We went two weekends ago, and my crew (ages 5. 6 x 2, and 9, ) all had a blast.  It’s so nice to […]

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“leaf” it to their imagination!

This morning a few preschool children at the school where I teach looked up from filling their sand pails with mud and onion stew and announced in unison, “Look! It’s raining leaves!” The towering Black Walnut Tree maintained its sturdy, solid stance as its leaves sailed gracefully in mid-air before landing to mingle with the […]

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where i’m from- a poem from sam, age 13
AP Photo/ courtesy of Newsworks

Where I’m From I am from town homes, from busy streets and calm parks. I am from streets filled with children, (Whose laughter fills the air.) I am from the blood of my ancestors, who have led me here today, as if for a reason. I’m from cheesesteaks with “whiz” and onions, from Geno’s and Pat’s […]

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why this irish girl celebrates kwanzaa

I first started celebrating Kwanzaa as a teacher in Baltimore City.  All of my students were African-American, and one family celebrated Kwanzaa.  I asked if they would come in and share the tradition with the class.  None of the other kids had ever heard of it.  I loved what I learned, appreciated the spirit of […]

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holy POTTER weekend! photos!

Well, I officially declare the first ever Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Weekend a raving success.  We partook in events across all three days, and my Harry Potter fans loved every minute of it.  The weather was gorgeous, the people were friendly (and properly adorned), and the town did Hogsmeade proud!  Special thanks to the Chestnut […]

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johnson house: kid-review

At the Johnson House I learned about the Underground railroad, slavery, and other stuff. Here is some stuff about slavery: If a slave is running away from slavery and a white person helps the slave and the police know about it and finds out about it, the helper person goes to jail for a long […]

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Kids Review Winnie-the-Pooh

July 15 is not only about Potter.  There’s another flick that litrati children on the more G-rated end of the spectrum are eager to see.  My two preschoolers and I were treated to a sneak preview of the new Winnie-the-Pooh movie (tickets were free, but the opinions are entirely our own… no honey was exchanged […]

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Frogs. Part Two. Expanded Cast of Characters.

I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats, waiting to hear what else we found out in our frogging expeditions.  Well, hold on to your fishing hats… gettin’ our money’s worth out of those dollar store nets We’ve been checking back, and it seems the teensy tiny frogs are disappearing! We’ve learned […]

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Cars 2 Sneak Peek Reviews!

It’s almost here, the official opening of Cars 2!  This long awaited sequel (really long awaited if you’re a preschooler… pretty much your entire LIFE) debuts in theaters this Friday June 23.  You can check it out locally at either the Manayunk or Plymouth Meeting Mall theaters this weekend.  But we here at GAP are […]

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