molefi kete asante instititue in germantown
Dr. Molefi Asante

  A new resource has arrived in Germantown, and it’s for everyone. For parents who want to learn more about African culture and pass it on to their kids. For teachers, who want to incorporate and enrich their world history curriculum. For homeschooling families, who need research guidance through structured classes. Essentially, it’s for anyone […]

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Germantown LIVE!
tiger cage

  Germantown LIVE! by Elizabette Andrade There it was…as clear as quartz in my mind’s eye, sitting on the corner of Pulaski and Rittenhouse, basking in the scent of gasoline, confined but very much… alive, warmed by excited children and passersby.  I perked my ears to make sure my senses weren’t deceiving me, could it […]

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summer slide tip #2: visit!

Strategy #2 in battling the “summer slide” is… VISIT! This is Philadelphia, the birthplace of freedom.  There are amazingly interesting sites within a stone’s throw of your house.  Really, grab a rock and give it a try.  The depth of history is astounding.  You can choose to stay “hyperlocal” for this.  Check out the “Freedom’s […]

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