showing all kinds of love through children’s books
Owen and Mzee, Scholastic Press

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about chocolate overload or mylar balloons or Hallmark’s version of what true love is. Classic children’s books celebrating love are wonderful, but there is more than enough love to go around.  Here’s a list of five books to share with children that present a wider perspective of what love […]

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speaking of toys: girl or boy?

Can gender be taken out of toys? by Kim Pacini  As kids still play with their new toys from the Holidays, one of the hottest videos on YouTube is Riley’s Marketing Rant.  Standing in front of toy store shelf lined with pink packaged baby dolls and dressup clothes, a very astute, very cool little girl […]

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for whom does homework work?
The Homework Machine

  Inspired by a recent opportunity I had to participate in a WHYY session on this topic, and since it IS back to school time, over the next few weeks, GAP will be doing a series on homework. I’d love to begin the series with something sexy, but the nerd in me is winning out.  […]

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do you let your child roam?
Picture 2

With the recent tragedy of Leiby Kletzy, even considering letting your child out of your sight seems grossly irresponsible. I try to remember that putting my child in a car is a far more dangerous decision, but it’s tough to reconcile when faced with such a horrific event. To have a child so senselessly taken […]

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Race to Nowhere… Local Documentary Screenings

Last year, the poignant documentary, The Prep School Negro, was making the rounds in screenings in many of the local private schools.  This year, the documentary everyone is talking about is “The Race to Nowhere”.  And for good reason. Here’s the summary: A concerned mother turned filmmaker aims her camera at the high-stakes, high-pressure culture that has […]

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