our snow day sanity secret

I’m sure you’re not surprised to know that we’ve had exactly 4, 322 snow days this school year.  Or maybe you’re correcting my math, arguing that it’s really 4,323.  I guess it depends on which school your kids go to.   I’ll freely admit that I really do like having everyone home.  Snow days make […]

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what to do in a park?
Photo Credit: Jack Peters

Access to an open yard is limited to many kids in Philadelphia. If houses do have yards, they tend to be small patches We frequent a small “secret” park a few blocks down from us in Germantown, secret because although it is a public park and owned by the City of Philadelphia, it is hidden behind two […]

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guerilla art for kids
Screen shot 2012-02-26 at 9.48.08 PM

  I admit. I love street art. It’s illegal, I know. But a positive message here and there chalked on a sidewalk won’t hurt anybody, right? I now have accomplices for bringing little cheerful surprises to unaware Northwest Philly neighbors. My kids and I are on a mission this early side of spring to bring […]

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Summer "Bucket List"- what’s on yours?

BEACH “bucket list” This year, we made it official.  Each kid brainstormed a few places they wanted to go, things they wanted to do, and what they wanted to learn more about this summer.  They all wrote them down in a notebook, and this now officially serves as our summer “bucket list.”  As in beach […]

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Summertime Homemade Fun

This is the first post in GAP’s “Homemade Fun” series.  If you would like to write an entry for this series, please use the contact button to let us know.  Homemade Fun will be GAP’s storage spot for ideas that are low cost, enjoyable, and easily done close to home. Here’s our list of ideas […]

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